G.E. Aviation/ Unison Industries Silver Supplier Award Recipient

Bracalente Manufacturing Group has been presented with the ‘Silver Supplier Award’ by Unison Industries in recognition of our commitment to delivering an unmatched customer experience, precision machining and defect-free products, and on-time shipments. The award also recognizes our participation in Quality AMP events and our dedication to continuous improvement.

Unison Industries, a subsidiary of GE Engine Services, Inc., is a leader in mechanical and electrical systems and components for aircraft engines and airframes. Serving both OEMs and aftermarket customers, the company develops a multitude of products for use in general, commercial, and military markets.

Some of the components manufactured by Unison include piston and turbine engine ignition systems, electrical control systems, panel assemblies, brackets, flex joints, and bellows assemblies. Due to the complexities of these parts and the environments in which they’re utilized, attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials during the manufacturing process is essential.

Using the latest processes and technologies, our company produced components such as alternator housings, temperature sensors, shells, mounting hardware, heat sinks, covers, electrodes, alternator rotor hubs, and pressure caps; all of which Unison installs in their commercial and military jet engines.

Bracalente Manufacturing Group is proud of our abilities to provide precision machined parts using the latest processes and equipment, from standard CNC turning and milling machines to advanced multiple-axis Swiss CNC, laser engraving, and CNC multi-spindle machinery. Our team of more than 175 skilled metalworkers, our US and China-based facilities, and over five decades of experience make our company the number one choice for all of your machining solutions.

We are truly honored to receive such a prestigious award from an esteemed company like Unison Industries, and we look forward to continuing our professional relationship with them in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about our capabilities and each of our facilities’ offerings, you can find additional information on our website or by contacting us directly.