Bracalente Manufacturing Group (BMG) has a 65 year long track record of machining parts and components with industry leading precision. Today, our CNC turning services are the centerpiece of our high precision machining capabilities.

CNC Turning Services at BMG

Between our two ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities — our Trumbauersville, PA headquarters and our second plant in Suzhou, China — we operate more than 75 CNC turning machines. Our CNC turning machines are manufactured by industry specialists, including:

  • Miyano
  • Tsugami
  • මෝරි සේකි
  • කියවන්න
  • Wasino
  • හාඩිං
  • ස්ටාර්
  • හවුස්
  • Kia
  • Hyundai රථ
  • Daewoo රථ


We bar feed our lathes up to 3” (75mm) in diameter and chuck work pieces up to 10” (254mm) in diameter. We are also equipped to perform a wide variety of CNC turning processes:

  • Hard turning — A process designed to replace grinding processes used for hardened materials.
  • Facing — Facing creates a large planar surface, or a face, on an end of the workpiece.
  • Grooving and face grooving — The process of cutting grooves of predetermined depth into the sides or face of a workpiece.
  • Drilling — Used primarily to remove material from the interior of a workpiece beginning at its face, more advanced CNC turning machines can stop workpiece rotation and drill or mill off center or cross center to work piece.
  • Boring — The process of enlarging pre-drilled holes with a single-point tool.
  • Reaming — The process of enlarging pre-drilled holes with a multi-fluted tool designed to cut to size of the diameter of the tool.

මූලික කරුණු

Turning is one of the oldest machining processes — it has roots in ancient Egypt, Assyria, and Greece — and also, at its core, one of the most basic.

In turning, a base material in bar form is spun rapidly around its center on a lathe. One or more cutting tools, generally non-rotary tool bits of various forms, move along the workpiece linearly, removing material from the spinning workpiece as it moves.

In modern manufacturing scenarios, virtually all turning is performed on CNC turning machines. Fully automated, CNC turning machines are capable of producing fully completed pieces with a high degree of precision, holding even the tightest of tolerances, using robotic automation and tool load censoring to optimize tool life.

වැඩිදුර ඉගෙන ගන්න

The methods listed above represent only a small sampling of the CNC turning services we offer at BMG. To learn more about our capabilities, take a look at our spec table below, or අමතන්න us to request a free quote!


 Turning Processes
 CNC හැරවීම
 Face Groove
 Single Point Threading
 Thread Rolling
 Parting Cut-off
 Turning Machines
 CNC Hydromat
 CNC Multi-axis X, Y, Z, C, Y, B
 CNC Multi-spindle, 2 & 6
 CNC Swiss
 Bar Machines
 ඉවසීම  +/- .00025
 Part Diameter  Max: 12″ – Dia/300mm
 Min: .060″ – Dia/1.5mm
 Part Length  Max: 30″/ 760mm
 Equipment Capabilities  ON and OFF Line CAD CAM Programming
 බහු-අක්ෂ යන්ත්‍රෝපකරණ
 Robot Loading Machines
 Automatic Bar Loading Machines
 Bar & Chucking Machines
 මෙවලම් හඳුනාගැනීම සහ පරීක්ෂා කිරීම
 Tool Load Monitoring
 Tool Life Management
 චක් වර්ගය  2, 3, & 4 Jaw Chucking
 Quick Change ID & OD Collet Systems
 Modular Work Holding
 Custom In-house Workholding Design & Manufacturing
 නිෂ්පාදන පරිමාව  Low, Medium, & High Volume
 නිෂ්පාදනයට මූලාකෘතිය
 ඊයම් ටයිම්ස් තිබේ  24 Hour Turnaround Upon Request
 Quoted on Job-by-Job Basis
 අදින්න පද්ධතිය
 EDI Systems
 ද්රව්ය (ලෝහ)  ඇලෝයි වානේ
 ලෝකඩ මිශ්‍ර ලෝහ
 ඇලුමිනියම් ලෝකඩ
 කාබන් වානේ
 Copper & Copper Alloys
 මල නොකන වානේ
 Materials (Plastic Polymers)  ඩෙල්රින්
 Secondary Services Offered
 Threading (Cutting & Rolling)
 Vibratory Finishing
 හිරි වැටීම
 ආලේප කිරීම
 තාප පිරියම් කිරීම
 Painting & Powder Coating
 Metal-to-Metal Sealing
 කර්මාන්තයේ අවධානය  ගුවන්යානා
 තෙල් සහ ගෑස්
 විකල්ප බලශක්ති
 විනෝදාත්මක කටයුතු
 Professional Lighting Systems
 හමුදා සහ ආරක්ෂක
 අපේක්ෂිත යෙදුම්  නීතිඥ
 ලෝහ එන්නත් අච්චුව
 Sintered Metals
 යාන්ත්‍රික එකලස් කිරීම
Any mechanical component or assembly machines from metal or plastic in our size range would be in our wheel house. Please contact someone from our sales or customer service team for assistance.
 කර්මාන්ත ප්රමිති ISO 9000: 2008
 AS9100 (Fall 2016)
 Compliant to AS9100, TS
 ගොනු ආකෘති  AutoCAD (DWG, DWZ)
 BMP – Bit Mapped Graphics
 Catia (CATDrawing, CATPart)
 DXF – Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format
 GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
 IGES – Initial Graphics Exchange Specification, ANSI File Format
 Inventor (IDW, IPT)
 JPG or JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group
 PDF – Portable Document Formation
 Pro-E or Pro/Engineer (DRW, PRT, XPR)
 STEP – Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data
 SurfCam (DSN)
 TIFF – Tagged Image File Format