About Bracalente Manufacturing

Three generations of manufacturing experience

Bracalente Manufacturing Group (BMG) is a family owned and operated contract manufacturing solutions provider. We are proud to continue the tradition of craftsmanship, family values and an honest love and appreciation of manufacturing, the art of design and the pride of making quality parts. Each generation shares the desire to stay relevant, think bigger and take a long-term view.

Bracalente US plant located in Pennsylvania

We have grown from a small owner-operated job shop to an 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility with more than 175 skilled metalworking employees utilizing the latest precision machining technology, process controls, quality systems, operating systems and global sourcing integration.

Bracalente China plant located in Suzhou

Our expansion into China has brought new opportunities to BMG and our clients globally. We are able to guarantee the same advanced manufacturing capabilities, high level of quality, service and support to our global customers. Our presence in China coupled with our integrated ERP system enables us to provide our customers with advanced supply chain management.

BMG Embracing new ideas and technologies.

The cornerstone of BMG’s metalworking expertise resides in the rigorous application of Lean manufacturing principles and a culture of continuous improvement. Harnessing the power of Lean to reduce waste—lead-time, and costs—BMG continues to build on more than 50 years of highly competitive quality performance. We are driven strategically to customers that value our contributions and will work with us to achieve common goals

BMG Competing globally.

BMG’s ability to adapt to change, built on a foundation of metalworking skill and experience, has allowed the company to become an innovative leader in the production of precision machined parts and assemblies. It has also led us in new directions as we develop and manage global manufacturing solutions at competitive costs.

BMG Still focused on what’s important.

Although the marketplace may shift and change, over the years, BMG’s focus has remained constant: value, quality, price, service and support. We are committed to long-term relationships, ethical standards, safety and the environment.

BMG Quality matters.

Our goal is to provide the level of quality that our customers expect. We provide the resources to continuously improve our Quality Management System and achieve our goals and objectives. We train and motivate our employees to utilize technologies and methods to meet or exceed industry standards. We maintain an ISO Certified Quality Management System.

Safety first.

Safety at BMG will always take precedence over expediency and short cuts. It is our desire to provide a safe workplace, safe equipment, proper materials, and to establish and insist upon safe methods and practices at all times. Our employees have a duty to keep alert at all times, think safety, work safely and follow all safety rules and regulations.

Our environment.

We are committed to excellence and leadership in the protection of the environment. The reduction of waste and emissions, to an absolute minimum, is our policy. We minimize the emissions to air, water, and land through programs to reduce pollution prevention at its source. In the process, we will achieve costs savings, improved quality, and a healthy workplace for our employees.

Our Core Values

As we grow as a company, it has become more and more important for us to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture and our business strategies. These are the four core values we live by:

Maintaining a family culture for employees, customers, and suppliers by:
  • Treating others with the highest degree of dignity, equality, trust and respect.
  • Act with honesty and integrity, never compromising our reputation
  • Maintain the highest level of ethical and moral standards
  • Win as a team and support each other as a team
  • Be a good neighbor and serve our community
Being accountable for our actions and results by
  • Taking responsibility and ownership for our actions and decisions
  • Don’t pass-off responsibility/risk to others
  • Demonstrating leadership at all levels of the organization
  • Never compromise our reputation
There is always a better way
  • Perform better today than yesterday – Continuous Improvement
  • Act with an appropriate Sense-of-Urgency
  • Focus on what’s really important
  • Open communication at all levels
  • Support performance-based incentive compensation
Positive Attitude
  • Maintain a positive, can-do attitude every day
  • “How can I make that happen?”