“The Bracalente team is solution focused which is needed in this dynamic environment. Customer service is always available and helpful in managing the many daily actions.”
– Commodities Manager, Leading Bracalente DOD Customer

In this ever-changing, volatile climate you need a manufacturer with capacity and expertise to mitigate disruption and deliver results. Our United States based, ITAR registered precision machining facility provides solution-based, premium assets for your defense project.

  • NADCAP Special Process managed supply chain
  • Long-term partnerships with NADCAP supply chain including frequent on-site visits and internal audits
  • Highly visual, designated areas for DOD projects
  • High quality, milling, turning and specialty processes with tolerances at ±0.0001
  • Detailed, comprehensive, relationship-based account/project management
  • Solution-based, mistake-proof concepts
  • On-time delivery
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Our precision parts are key components that help advance the Defense Industry

AIM 9 Sidewinder


Lights-out machining, 70 years+ of precision manufacturing, global sourcing and redundancy, we have the capacity and experienced relationships in our network to flex for whatever your project requires. The Bracalente Edge™ allows us to leverage the highest standards in technology, innovation, quality, and cost that delivers on time, every time.

CNC Milling

CNC Milling

Our lights-out manufacturing facility, offers precision CNC milling services that can accommodate the most challenging requirements. Our arsenal of equipment includes 3, 4, and 5-axis mills that are equipped with various efficiency enhancing features. We specialize in milling small to medium size components in prototype to mass production

We are capable of holding tolerances as close as 0.0005.”

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CNC Turning

Using robotic automation and tool load censoring to optimize tool life, we are capable of producing fully completed pieces with a high degree of precision. Between our two lean manufacturing facilities in the United States and China, we operate more than 75 CNC Turning Machines.

We are capable of upholding tolerances as close as ±0.00025.”

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MMC2 System

Our MMC2 system ties individual horizontal machining centers to an automated pallet system to enhance productivity. Through technology and innovation the system provides built in automation, lights out production (LOOP), efficiency and flexibility, cost improvements and reduces set up time for the customer.

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