From Prototype to High Volume: The Bracalente Checklist

When faced with a complex engineering or supply chain-related problem, consumers will turn to experts in order to find the very best solutions. At Bracalente, we recognize that supply chain reliability is a necessity for maintaining a successful business. In order to resolve a supply chain issue, we not only take a forward-thinking approach, but we also utilize technical skill, engineering horsepower and critical analysis to actively focus and grow operational success.

Our expert team works hard to deliver optimal results for any given project, some of which have included:

  • One customer is a producer of industrial pumps in a global market place and has always outsourced machining while performing assembly in-house.Bracalente’s Improvements: Our machinists and engineers worked together with our customer to modify and improve the overall cost and quality of their products’ manufacturability.
  • Another one of our customers has produced custom melody chimes for over 100 years, but their component machining and assembly processes were never done under the same roof.Bracalente’s Improvements: We discovered that consolidating machining and assembly capabilities would lead to a boost in overall efficiency and quality, which in turn led to a redesign of the entire mechanical movement.

In our newest technical resource, the 13 Step Checklist For Selecting a Machining Supplier That Can Grow With You From Prototype to High Volume, our team offers special insight into identifying strong potential partners and the adjustments that can directly impact a company’s overall growth trajectory.


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