Bracalente Manufacturing Group (BMG) is a globally recognized manufacturing solutions provider offering a full range of machining capabilities.

We’ve built our outstanding reputation with an unwavering dedication to achieving the highest quality and precision in all that we do — it was our goal when we were founded in 1950, and it still remains our goal today. We hold ourselves accountable for each part that leaves our facilities and constantly seek ways to improve.

One of those improvements has been our commitment to adopting state of the art technology, including the cutting edge equipment that enables us to offer CNC milling services.

CNC Milling at BMG

In both our 80,000 square foot manufacturing facility and headquarters in Trumbauersville, PA and our 45,000 square foot machining plant in Suzhou, China, BMG maintains an array of CNC milling equipment that allows us to provide a large number of CNC milling services.

At our modern facilities, both of which are ISO 9001:2008 certified, we operate CNC milling equipment manufactured by industry leaders such as Makino, OKK, Hyundai, Haas, and more. In addition, our USA facility is ITAR registered.

The Basics

Milling is a cutting process, derived from rotary filing, which emerged during the early 1800s. Eli Whitney, inventor of the cotton gin, was originally credited as the inventor of the first true milling machine but, beginning in the 1950s, that claim has come under fire for possible inaccuracy.

Regardless of who invented it first, the standard milling process remains the same: A workpiece is maneuvered along two axes on a plane that is perpendicular to a rotary cutting tool. When lowered toward the workpiece, the cutting tool removes material from its surface. All milling, despite variations in configuration and specialized purpose, operate along these basic principles.

Milling can be separated into two separate primary processes: face milling and peripheral milling. In face milling, the cutting tool is oriented perpendicularly to the workpiece so that face, point, or front edge of the tool does the cutting. In peripheral milling, the sides or circumference of the tool is used to cut, which is particularly useful for milling deep slots, gear teeth, and other part features.

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