tornos multiswiss

Bracalente has expanded its arsenal of automated equipment with the addition of the Tornos MultiSwiss 8×26. This machine combines the performance and efficiency of a multi-spindle with the precision of a Swiss machine. The Tornos is one of the most advanced tools in the Bracalente organization. This unit is equipped with (8) 26mm spindles and an automated bar feeder that will give us tremendous lights out production (LOOP) capability. LOOP is the time when the system runs unattended while no operators are in the plant. BMG is manned 116 hours per week, but there are 168 available hours to the system. The challenge is to engineer the process to manage tool wear and part handling to take advantage of as much LOOP machining as possible.

Efficiency gains of 20% are expected due to the automation built into the machine as well as the technology related to tool wear and chip control. As we compete in the global marketplace, this technology gives us the edge needed to improve our part quality while driving costs out of the process. Improved process capability will allow us to compete in the global automotive marketplace. We are excited to bring this technology online in July of 2022.